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Schedule an educational, fun hands-on presentation with live reptiles at your school, Scout meeting, birthday party and more: TEXT or CALL (919) 867-0173.

Snakes tend to give most folks the willies; however, there are some brave folks that love to meet and even touch snakes - they are called children!!!

 My husband Dan and I bring our snakes every year to to the mall for indoor trick-or-treating at AniMall and the kids love it! (We are always asked if the kids are afraid and our response is "It's never the kids that are scared, always the adults.")

 We have also done educational presentations on snakes and reptiles for Girl Scouts, Daisy Scouts, birthday parties, schools and for a Stutter Support Group events "Face Your Fears" for middle-schoolers. If you have an event that you would like to have some friendly reptiles attend please TEXT or CALL (919) 867-0173to make arrangements.